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Trade In


Why spend your time selling your old bike on eBay or Craigslist? We've partnered with to take trade-ins at our store, and help you ride a new bike home today.

  • Bring your 2005 or newer bike with an original MSRP of $500 or more to our store.
  • One of our mechanics will evaluate the bicycle and input its condition into the Bicycle Blue Book partner app.
  • We'll deliver you an offer, which you can either apply to the purchase of a new bicycle today, or you can take the trade-in as a gift certificate to use later.


To make sure we only accept bikes from their rightful owners we will require the following from everyone wanting to trade in a bike.

  • Government issued photo ID.
  • A legible serial number.
  • A signed statement that you own the bike.


We will make every effort to get you the highest value possible for your trade in. To help us out, remember:

  • The bike should be clean and functioning.
  • Di2, EPS, and eTap owners should bring their chargers with them.
  • Any upgrade or downgrades from the stock components will be taken into consideration. Bringing us at least a ballpark figure for the price you paid for the parts will speed up the estimate.
  • Some bicycles will not appear in the Bicycle Blue Book database. For these, we will request an ad-hoc valuation and get it back to you as soon as we can.
  • Some bikes (including tandems and department store bikes) are ineligible, but we can still do our best to help you find a new bike at a great price.