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by Anonymous
Competitive Racer
Good if they fit

Mounted on C'dale CAAD10 with Shimano1011spd brakes. These are very bike dependent. Tire clearance, brake model, and drop out design will determine your success. I found the provided skewer mounts to be sleek, but made removing wheels a pain. If you have very tight drop outs andor outboard protruding head screws for your derailleur hanger, these may not work well there either. I ended up getting some p-clamps and mounting to my seat stays and fork blades. Much easier. If you go this route, you may have to trim the adjustment rods to allow you to slide them in a bit further. The rear fender is very long, likely buddy-friendly. I ended up trimming about 6 off and relocating the rear stay mounting hardware further up on the fender. This made things much stiffer and less prone to noise. These did not work well on the rear with 11spd brakes, 10spd brakes provide more clearance (I traded with a friend). I also ended up drilling a couple holes around the rear brake bridge to secure it with a zip tie and stop any rattling. The provided rear brake mount is decent, but is a cantilevered design that can allow the fender to rattle against the rear brakebridge if its pressed up against it to get adequate clearance. The front on the other hand, I mounted as-is with 11spd brake and have enough clearance for a 25mm tire, though it is fairly tight on the sides. The sides are trimmed under the fork crown on the front to provide adequate clearance. So... I ended up heavily modifying these. Not ideal for $XX, but if your bike has more tire clearance or roomier dropouts, you may have better luck thank I did.

Reviewed 7/16/2016
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by Dolan
Competitive Racer
Portland, OR
A just right bag

I hate swapping seat bags, so when I went to put together a third one (consisting of a mini-pump, tube, lever, and flat multi-tool) I tried to find another Pearl Izumi tailgate, my preferred bag. Turns out, it's been discontinued (maybe in favor of the PRO bags). However, Blackburn's model is very similar in the ways it counts. All the aforementioned items fit just fine (esp. the pump), the price is right, it's light, not garish, and has a lifetime warranty. The only miss would be lack of a reflective panel on the back, but to me this is close enough to be satisfied.

Reviewed 4/24/2016
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by AKPeach
Cycling Enthusiast
Anchorage, AK
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Great product, especially for smaller bikes

I ride a size small bike and use this primarily on my fat bike in the winter but have also used this on my road bike for randonneuring rides when you are riding long distances that are self-supported. The quality is great and after a couple of years use, I have not had any issues. I live in Anchorage, where Revelate was born and have many friends who use a lot of Revelate products on several different bikes. You will find Revelate products on bikes in the winter endurance races (ITI, Susitna 100 and White Mountains 100) as well as locals using them on their bikes all over the world (Holy Land MTN race, Africa, Baja Divide to Arizona Trail, etc.) Very durable and great for everyday use to month's long trip. I highly recommend the Revelate Design products. And this bag is perfect for the smaller rider who cannot utilize the larger version of this bag.

Reviewed 4/23/2016
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by justaguy
West of Portland
First a fall then the rain

I had theses fenders mounted on my GT Grade and my first time out I wore my new cleated shoes but I stopped and couldn't unfasten them as I fell over with the bike on top of me. The rear fender caught me and popped loose from its mount but was undamaged and easily refit into place so that a bruised leg and ego were the only damage I sustained. Last night I took my bike out for a ride in the rain and was pleased that the fenders kept the water off of me and was channelling the spray forward and behind me. Adding the fenders to my bike was a very good move for me as they have already proven themselves to be a quality product, sturdily made, and very effective with wet road surfaces.

Reviewed 1/15/2016
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